4th Banjaluka m:tel Halfmarathon Results

The 21.1km long track, which runs in one lap, is a novelty for the 4th Banja Luka m.tel half-marathon. The new half-marathon track has also been awarded the official AIMS certificate, which places it on the list of half-marathon tracks on which one can achieve results for the Olympic standard, national, continental and world records. In addition to personal records, runners in Banja Luka can now make qualifying times for major world marathons such as the New York marathon etc. This track is very straight and therefore ideal for achieving personal records. The track leads through fragrant green alleys, parks and the most famous Banja Luka streets and settlements, to the finish line set at the most attractive historic building in town – Kastel fortress. In comparison to the previous years, there are now a number of refreshment points, which are set on about every 2km, together with medical help teams provided on the track.


The G-Drive relay half-marathon runs on the same track as the 4th Banja Luka m:tel half-marathon race only in this case, the 21km track is intended for teams of 2, 3 or 4 participants, and each of them runs 5 or 10 kilometers, depending on how many members there are in a team. Competitors have to run the new 21.1 km long track within a 4 hour time, in one lap. Relay exchange points will be marked on the track where competitors will pass on their batons, and the team will wait for their last runner, at the end of the track, so that they can cross the finish line together. There are numerous refreshment points on the track, together with medical help teams. The contestants will test their physical endurance on this very straight track, which is ideal for achieving excellent results. The track runs through the most beautiful parts of Banja Luka all the way to Kastel fortress.


The 2,5km long track is intended for recreational runners and citizens of Banjaluka, who will run the "Nektar Fun Run" race. This track stretches through the center of the city - from department store Boska to the Kastel fortress. The start is set in "Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica" street, at the very entrance to the "Petar Kocic" park. The route goes by the National Theater of Republic of Srpska, after which participants will pass the first kilometer in "Vase Pelagic" street and then, passing the " Vojvode Radomira Putnika " street they will arrive again in the city center, in front of the department store Boska. The last part of this track runs through "Trznicka" street leading to the finish line set on Kastel fortress. This track is the meeting point for all generations, and it is left up to the participants to decide whether they will walk, jog or come driving their skates.


This is the first time that school children participate in the run, on this 700-meter long route, within the "Balans + School Run" competition. This 700-meter long route stretches from Boska to Kastel. The start line is in "Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica" street. The run goes by Boska department store and Palas Hotel, and then through "Trznicka" street to the finish line on Kastel. The track is adapted to the age of the participants, and this year those are students of Banja Luka elementary and high schools, children and teenagers aged 11 to 19. The aim of this running event is to raise awareness of school children, through competitions, parties and social gatherings, of developing a healthy lifestyle for life. On this track, students are competing in different categories, and are going for the best personal, class and school record.


The track that the youngest Banja Luka half-marathon race participants will run, under the name "Tropic Bambini Marathon" is 250 meters long and is intended for children aged 2 to 6. The start line of this race is set on the parking lot in front of Kastel, and the small track section leads directly to the finish line that is located within the walls of Kastel fortress. The youngest participants of this marathon race can either walk or run on this section of the track, accompanied by their parents or teachers, and all who pass through the finish line will receive a medal. With the help of preschool institutions, the track is designed to animate as many children as possible and with the aim of engaging them, from the early days, to participate more in sports activities. Running these 250m, little princes and princesses, through having fun and socializing with their peers, are introduced to recreational activities from the earliest time of their life. This race has a humanitarian character.


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